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Build, Analyze and Visualize your data with BeGraph


BeGraph is a cloud computing application dedicated to the visualization and analysis of complex networks for business and science. 

BeGraph allows you to load, store and share several networks in the cloud. Each network can be visualized and explored using a Web Browser, giving a general idea of its structure and topological properties. A set of metrics can be run on the network in our cloud machines, characterizing mathematically nodes and/or links.

BeGraph Navigator

BeGraph Navigator is a web tool that provides 3D manual exploration and visual configuration capabilities for your data network once has been processed by BeGraph Studio. It is highly configurable and powerful, being able to render hundreds of thousands of nodes and a few million links.

With proper settings, you can identify the most important nodes in the network, the level of clustering, the approximate number of clusters, the strength of the connections between clusters, and the global network connectivity.

The visualization is highly configurable. You may set the color, size, and shape of nodes and links according to their properties to emphasize aspects of your visualization and produce aesthetic visualizations to present your results. Those controls are rather intuitive and can be found on the left panel of the application. 

The next window shows an instance of BeGraph Viewer with predefined visual configurations for a social network (public Facebook dataset) from our gallery. Check instructions and viewer features

BeGraph Studio

BeGraph Studio is a powerful cloud-based solution to build and analyze networks of more than 1 million nodes and 10 million links. BeGraph Studio includes all the features required to load data files in standard formats, define relations between nodes and links, compute spatial layouts and metrics.

BeGraph stores the network, together with any property or metric result in a fast access cloud database. 

Watch the following short videos to see BeGraph Studio in action