The TeamOur ambition to explore reality has led us to discover a world that is truly interconected.

Who We Are 

BeGraph is a young company with a clear vision: to provide experts and non-experts with fast and easy access to the world of complex data networks using rich 3D visualizations.

We’ve brought together an interdisciplinary powerhouse team made up of computer scientists, data scientists, cloud and web developers, physicists, mathematicians, and engineers. Together they’ve pooled their knowledge of complex systems and networks to build a powerful visualization and analysis tool that helps you tackle large datasets like never before.

Our Story

BeGraph draws upon 20 years of experience in physics simulation and visualization software of the Next Limit Group, which has continuously been at the forefront of cutting edge solutions in digital visual effects and engineering. The technologies developed by Next Limit have received widespread recognition in the rendering and simulation industry. We received the Academy Technical Achievement Award for the creation of RealFlow fluid simulation technology. Next Limit strives to constantly push the boundaries in visualization and simulation, and BeGraph is its most recent innovative venture in transforming how we visualize and analyze data.