BeGraph is a modern, agile and accurate tool
to explore massive complex networks

3D Visualization

Powerful 3D data network interactive visualizer for millions of nodes and links.



Access your data anywhere and any time, without any restrictions.


High Customization

Customize your data networks visualizations as you want to see them.

 One Punch Extraction

Select, explore and export your results in one click.

What is BeGraph?

BeGraph is a cloud computing application dedicated to the visualization and analysis of complex networks for business and science. A network is a data structure composed of nodes and relationships (links).

BeGraph allows data analysts to explore complex data networks in a cloud environment. Networks can be visualized and explored with a web-based visualization tool, giving a general idea of their structure and topological properties. 

Why BeGraph?

Networks are becoming popular in the field of Data Analysis and Big Data since they contain information that other data structures lack. Features like small world phenomena, event spreading and clustering based on communities are unique to networks. A set of metrics can be run on the network in our cloud machines, characterizing mathematically nodes and/or links to detect hidden patterns and unfold new data insights.