The Advantages

 3D Visualization

BeGraph is a powerful 3D data network visualizer that allows you to explore networks with millions of links in real time. It opens up possibilities to interact with and navigate bigger data networks than ever before.


With our cloud-based system, you can access your data anywhere at any time. Our cloud based platform allows you to grow your data networks without any restrictions. Feel secure, we take care of your privacy and data security.

High Customization

With our technology, BeGraph allows you to customize your data networks as you want to see them. Change the colors, sizes, and shapes of all your network elements to create one of a kind visual representations.

Expansive User Exploration

Our innovative features make it possible for you to study data networks from a bird’s eye view all the way down to the local neighborhood of a node. And BeGraph’s lasso tool makes it easy for you to select the elements you need in a 3D context.

The only tool that lets you visualize your results in 3D  and personalize your data.

Uncover Hidden

Uncover hidden connections

High Customizable Variations

Highly customizable visualizations

Easy To Use

Easy to use

Powerful Metrics 

Take advantage of cloud scalability to speed up the computation of various metrics that mathematically characterize your data networks.

  • Centrality measurements
  • Community detection
  • Topological and structural characterization
  • And more...

Social Media Intelligence 

BeGraph can be used to analyze modern social data networks to detect important people and influencers. Use our 3D visualizer to select people with common interests and find their communities and relevant connections.

Smart Business 

BeGraph can help improve your recommender system or business strategy by clustering your data network. See what products are usually purchased together or discover which items are connected for intelligent advertisement.

Biology & Medicine

BeGraph allows you to easily visualize relationships between biological entities such as proteins, enzymes, and metabolites. Extract highly interconnected groups from protein-protein interaction networks that you couldn’t see before.

Endless Possibilities 

BeGraph is a universal data network analysis tool that can be applied to any graph dataset to detect hidden connections. Take your graphs to the next level to help you make intelligent and informed decisions about your business.