BeGraph in a nutshell

BeGraph is platform that allows users to visualize, analyze and predict the behavior and evolution of relational data, represented as graphs. BeGraph is specially optimized to manage large datasets interactively, in the range of millions of nodes and links.

BeGraph’s core engine provides tools to calculate graph metrics, identify clusters and discover patterns and singularities with the support of interactive real-time 3D visualization. Check out our interactive gallery.

BeGraph has applications in business intelligence, social sciences, fraud detection, biotechnology, internet security, defense and many other fields.

BeGraph provides a cloud-based platform for easy creation and edition of graphs, and an API to customize and extend the core technology in propietary environments.

The BeGraph cloud platform will be available soon. For more information please contact us here.

BeGraph interactive gallery

The BeGraph visualization tool provides quick access to a stored dataset from any device. Different metrics and nodal information can be looked up interactively. Click on any of the following examples.

A subset of Facebook users and friendship links

A subset of LinkedIn public network 

Network of characters of A Storm of Swords

A subset of Amazon customers and purchases

BeGraph™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Next Limit SL

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